Uncle Clark

Uncle Clark

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    Uncle Clark Langworthy Poole was the son of Horace Poole and Frances Langworthy Poole. His wife was Evelyn Richards Poole. Uncle Clark's brother was Horace Stephens Poole

    The lineage is (starting relatively recently) :
    Fitch Poole Jr. and Mary Ann Poor had children:
    William, Francis, Elizabeth, Theodore, Sarah, Horace, Elizabeth, Arthur, Edmund

    Horace married Francis Langworthy and had children:
    Clark Langworthy Poole, Horace Stephens Poole

    Horace Stephens Poole married Florence Mae Dennis and had children:
    Horace Langworthy Poole, Elizabeth Gardner Poole, Robert Goodwin Poole
    After Florence's death, Horace remarried Helen Walpole and they had children:
    Carol Grant Poole, Helen Frances Poole, John Walpole Poole

    Clark Langworthy Poole and Evelyn Richards Poole had no children

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  • The Poole manuscript explains the lineage of the Poole family:
  • Article on the Bluebird from August 1913 magazine Motor Boating
  • BlueBird picture handed down in the family (CeCee has a copy too)
  • Uncle Clark's Gravestone